9:30 am  SUNDAY SCHOOL  Various classes for adults and children.

11:00 am CHURCH SERVICE  Children are welcome.

12:15 pm FIRST SUNDAY LUNCH!  Light lunch the first Sunday of every month.

Nursery available during both Sunday school and church hours.


YOUTH GROUP – teen ministry every Wednesday @ 7:00pm for high-school-aged students

Service Recognition Ministry

Annual Service Recognition Ministry where we deliver a yummy meal to those organizations that work so tirelessly for us such as firefighters, police etc.

Operation Christmas Child

Annually we wrap shoe boxes of gifts for children overseas as part of Samaritan Purse’s Operation Christmas Child.


We have had a number of small-group and community outreach activities over the years, particularly aimed at serving young people.  If you have a vision for additional ministry, we’d love to hear about it!  We can’t promise that we’ll make the vision a reality, but we can promise to listen and to pray about it.

Ministry Teams

First thing, we want to be clear about something. If you have visited FCC, you’re already a member of our community. If you’ve got a skill, and want to help us out, but don’t want to leave your church, or even come to church, we’d still love to provide a venue in which you can do what you’re called to do best. There are many teams that work together in order to keep things organized. Check them out here to get an idea of what they do.

Adult Education

It’s a necessity to keep learning about God. Our journey with Him is never over. Do you have a desire to lead a small group? Teach a Bible study? Lead a retreat weekend? These are all things that fall under Adult Education.


Ah yes, the classic church work days. It needs done, and is so important, but it’s a small part of what the building team organizes. Buildings are big (notice it’s not called “The Hut Team”) so we need a lot of people to up keep it. Do you love changing light bulbs? How about painting? Have an interior decorating idea that would make our space more appealing, please share it!


We care about people, because God cared about us first. Need a ride to the airport? Know a person in need of a card, or visit to the hospital? These are some things the caring team does, and so much more.


The minute your browser loaded this webpage, you have been witness to the fruit of the Communications Team. If you like running slides in worship, making announcements, helping with publications, have an appreciation for bulletin boards, this is the team for you!


We want people to feel welcome! So when you visit, you’ve probably seen some things that are provided by the Hospitality Team. Coffee, donuts, chairs set up, etc… Need something specific for an event happening at the church, this is where to go to get it.


Community isn’t just part of our name. We are here to love God, and love others through the example the He shows us. We are called to be the church, which means going out into the world, our daily lives, and making Disciples of Christ of all nations!


Do you love to pray? It’s so important on so many parts. We all need it, and if you feel called to care for others in prayer, this is the ministry for you!


You guessed it. Sunday morning! This team gets everything ready for worship and executes it. Everything from music, video, communion to shaking hands. It all happens here. Worship is more than singing!